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Many times, especially beginning programmers, have specific doubts about how to do something. How to send an email from their program. How to start a web service. How to write data to a file. Some are beginner's doubts, easy to solve. Others not so much.

The goal of this wiki is to collect simple tutorials on how to do all those things that novice and even experienced programmers come across in their day to day life. Although it is not 100% true, almost all the tutorials collected here deal with a single specific problem, try to solve it in the most direct and simple way possible and have example code that works and it is usually uploaded to .com/chuidiang/chuidiang-google-code-examples Google Code or at github.

Due to spam, user registration is blocked. However, if you want to collaborate, you can send me an email to chuidiang at and I will open an account for you. Or if you prefer, you can directly send me your own tutorials.

Any questions about these tutorials or programming in general, I usually answer in the programming forum.

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